Re-Imagine Body Image & Well-Being In Menopause

In-depth coaching for improved body image and quality of life in menopause with Dr. Maria Luque
  • Explore Joyful Approaches to Movement 
  • Make Friends With Your Body
  • Transform Your Menopause Journey
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In-depth coaching for improved body image and quality of life in menopause with Dr. Maria Luque

  • Explore Joyful Approaches to Movement
  • Make Friends With Your Body
  • Transform Your Menopause Journey
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New Moves™ is a 10 Week science-based, in-depth, coaching program for women in menopause designed and led by Dr. Maria Luque. 

This coaching goes beyond the physical, diving deep to help you transform your menopause journey and improve your quality of life. 

"Dr. Maria Luque and her [ New Moves program ] gave me back my life! In fact, an improved life! I am much more balanced with my approach toward movement, nutrition and mental health in addition to the physical. ...   Maria’s approach to fitness is refreshing, inspiring and most importantly sustainable. Her genuine passion for her work shines through her."

New Moves Coaching Client

So what exactly is New Moves™?

New Moves™ is  10 weeks of in-depth 1:1 VIP coaching that goes beyond the purely physical. With movement at the core, we will dive into a customized curriculum to optimize your quality of life during menopause. I say quality of life because this program is not just about fitness. The goal is to help you re-imagine exercise, body image, and well-being and to see menopause as an opportunity for something new. This isn’t about regaining what’s lost but rather exploring New Moves.

I will help you transform your menopause journey and help you:

Make Friends With Your Body...

...start to feel good in the body you have now!

You can exist without thinking too much about your body, negatively or positively. Negative body image is learned and you can unlearn it!    

Explore New Ways To Move Your Body...

...expand your definition of fitness!

Try brand new activities, tweak familiar ones, and experience more joy in the vast possibilities of movement. Find what movement works for YOU!

Do More Of What You Love...

...and less of what you don't!

Embrace this change and have more fun–even adventure! Let's de-fang the messages that weren’t serving you in the first place. It's time to reconnect with all the things you love!

"Maria’s [ New Moves coaching ] was a life changing event for me! I joined and immediately benefited from meeting five other wonderful women with whom I shared my experiences and from whom I learned a lot. ... The course gave me everything I needed: exercise, support, knowledge about what my body was going through, and a warm and supportive community of women. ... I cannot overestimate the positive impact working with Maria and taking her course had and continues to have on me personally. It is the best thing any woman struggling with some of the challenging mental and physical aspects of menopause should do."

New Moves Coaching Client

You didn’t make it to this stage of life without learning a few things about yourself.

Now it’s time to go further.

What's Included?

Purchase the VIP New Moves™ experience to get the most in-depth coaching:

  • 1 x 90-Minute Introductory Consultation Meeting: get the one-on-one time with me to really dive in and discover what you need and where you are starting from - this gives the ultimate information needed to kick off your personalized journey. 
  • 9 x 60-minute weekly One-on-One check-ins, where I will give you personalized support and coaching.
  • Custom exercise routine with 6 months access to the FIM fitness app
  • An expert-built, science-based (but fun😉), curriculum with 5 modules that you will work through with expert guidance. Complete with worksheets and weekly challenges, with Dr. Maria Luque to help hold you accountable.
  • A deeper understanding of your Fitness and Quality of Life personality: Gain a profound understanding of your motivations, goals, challenges, and strengths.
  • A printed workbook mailed directly to you: no need to print the book yourself - get a buildable binder to keep track of your journey and have it to reference during your coaching and beyond! 
  • VIP Goody Box: a box full of treats and tools mailed directly to you.
  • Unlimited Support

What will you learn?

This coaching program is broken up into five modules with multiple lessons in them. I will help you dig deep in finding the best solution and approach for YOUR menopause journey.

Module 1: Introduction to You / Introduction to Menopause

Module 2: Learning & Unlearning: Embracing Self-Discovery

Module 3: Moving & Feeding Your Body

Module 4: Body Image & Quality of Life

Module 5: Motivation & Review

New Moves™ is for YOU if:

  • Menopause is turning your world upside down.                     
  • You are confused about all the conflicting menopause advice.
  • You’re frustrated by the changes in your body.                     
  • You feel like nothing you do is working anymore.
  • You are confused about what exercises are best during menopause.

Not Ready for a personalized VIP experience, but still want expert support?

I also occasionally offer The New Moves™ curriculum in a group program, which includes:

  • 8 Weeks of Science-Based Coaching: Dive into a customized curriculum designed to optimize your quality of life during menopause. This is your chance to go beyond the physical to help you maximize your quality of life during menopause.
  • 8 x 90-Minute Engaging Group Zoom Meetings: Every Friday, our community members meet on Zoom. Discover the strength and inspiration that comes from sharing experiences and wisdom with a supportive community of women.
  • 1 x 45-Minute Private One-on-One Check-in with me: via Zoom (to be used anytime during the course). I will be your trusted confidante, guiding you through personalized strategies tailored to your unique needs.
  • A printable comprehensive workbook: Delve deeper into your personal journey with a workbook you'll build every week from PDFs that go along with our weekly coaching lessons. This will guide you step-by-step through your journey.
  • A deeper understanding of your Quality of Life personality: Gain a profound understanding of your motivations, goals, challenges, and strengths.
  • Access to an exclusive online community: where you'll find unwavering support from fellow participants. 

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