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Do any of these ring true for you?


Menopause is turning your world upside down.                     

You are confused about all the conflicting menopause advice.

You’re frustrated by the changes in your body.                     

You feel like nothing you do is working anymore.

You are confused about what exercises are best during menopause.



“Maria helped me distinguish between what I truly enjoy doing to reach those self-care goals and have fun doing it. I track my progress in a way that makes sense to me. Even though I liked a variety of activities before, I am crystal clear on what types of exercise I want to do, versus what I should do, and how those two can overlap. Even better, I have a deeper appreciation for the phase of my life that I am in. Every aspect of the course has contributed to the best version of myself at at time when I needed it the most."

You didn’t make it to this stage of life without learning a few things about yourself.

Now it’s time to go further.

"After 10+ years working out my body and psyche with Maria, I know beyond the shadow of a doubt that she wakes up in the middle of the night just to dream up something unexpected and exciting to spring on her clients Thus, I have never been bored, always been inspired and never felt alone during my transition to menopause. If you’re over empty promises of eternal youth and suspect that radically fit aging might be more interesting, you’re correct! Reach out to Maria. You won’t be sorry."

Robin C.

"Dr. Maria saw me through over a decade of perimeno and I didn't kill a soul! I'm not sure what the body count would've been w/o Maria's expertise, love, and care. Post-meno, I still count on weekly workouts with Maria to keep my body and soul strong and healthy. Believe me - you're welcome world! Dr. Maria is the best!"

Keena M.

As a perimenopausal woman, I understand how challenging and disorienting the menopausal transition can be. Menopause symptoms can be detrimental to your quality of life and it can feel as if your body is betraying you. Menopausal women tell me they feel as if they've lost their mojo. And when they try to find help, they’re bombarded with confusing–even alarming–solutions for every aspect of menopause, as if this perfectly natural transition could be hacked, worked around or even skipped entirely!  

Fitness In Menopause takes a different approach. I created my programs to improve quality of life in menopause* by helping women tap into their own wisdom and self-knowledge. I’m passionate about helping women gain a deeper understanding of their own motivations, goals, challenges, and strengths–and develop workouts and movement practices that not only improve their quality of life but are truly enjoyable. Simply put, I help women in menopause get stronger, healthier, saner, and much more open to fun and adventure. 

If this sounds better than spending more time and money in the anti-aging wilderness, let’s connect.  

There are many ways to work with me. Explore options here.


*the topic of my PhD thesis, as a matter of fact.


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What's Your Menopause Fitness Personality?


Okay, I wrote a What’s-Your-Fitness-Personality quiz and it’s not a gimmick.

( Do we really need another “Which Golden Girl Are You?” )

Should you take five minutes out of your busy day to answer enlightening questions intended to teach you about yourself?

Yes, please!

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"Without a doubt, Dr. Maria Luque is one of the professionals I trust the most when it comes to my health and wellness.  Two years ago as a mom to a then 18-month baby, I was suffering with a lot a back pain that was making mothering and lifting my baby almost impossible. After months of physical therapy, my physical therapist basically shrugged his shoulders and said he didn't know why I wasn't getting better. I knew I needed something different, and after a good amount of research, I found Dr. Maria. Within a month, my back pain was gone, and I can say that after 2 years of working 2-3 times a week with Dr. Maria, I am stronger now at 42 years old than I've ever been in my life, and I no longer have ongoing pain. Dr. Maria is one of those rare health and fitness professionals that combines extensive education with care, kindness and respect for what a woman needs as they get older. I trust her completely and know that she has my best health in mind each and every time we meet."

Kelly G.

"Maria is simply THE BEST!!!! I was lucky enough to stumble upon her at a time in my life when I never thought having a personal trainer was for me. I’d always been a fitness class at the gym kind of person. On a whim I tried her out and quickly realized what I’d been missing. The personal attention to my body, goals, and moment in life has proven essential. She’s helped me navigate getting in the best shape of my life, pregnancy, just doing the minimum for health and sanity as I balanced life, and recently getting back into shape at a social distance. Her passion for fitness meets you where you are and keeps it EXCITING AND FUN! I hated lifting weights until I met Maria."

Sarah H.

"I've been working out with Maria for over 10 years and she's seen me through pre, peri, and post menopause. I look better and feel better than when I started. I still do biweekly workouts with her and I ain't never going back. She keeps me fit and sane. Maria is the best."

Shelly L.

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