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Stay Curious, Unafraid, and Armed With Knowledge!

- Dr. Maria Luque

Hi, I'm Dr. Maria Luque

Founder of Fitness in Menopause

I’m a fitness expert, health science professor, menopause expert, military veteran, and busy mother with a passion for sharing knowledge and helping women in menopause lead healthier and happier lives.

Here’s why I’m here: To help women in peri-menopause and beyond maximize their quality of life. Helping women navigate the challenges and rewards of menopause is my particular passion. If this is you, I’ve got your back. I’m in my late forties myself–so I’m right there with you, wielding my education and experience to bring you the uncompromising advice you need to get through this sometimes bewildering transition.

You may think menopause sucks, and that you have to accept it. I get it, but you’re wrong, and I’m excited to tell you why.

You may think hormone replacement therapy is your only option. And yet you have so many questions and concerns about it. I get it. HRT  is an option, but it’s not your only option. I’ll help you untangle the research and learn how it applies to you. And as for alternatives to HRT, well, we have a lot to cover!

What about those self-styled experts promising a “cure” for menopause? I get it, but just say no. If you’re as busy as I am, you have better things to do with your time than wade through a sea of confusing, even alarming, remedies. Menopause is not an illness or a disability, any more than being female is. There might even be reasons to celebrate this phase of our lives. Sure, there are parts we could do without–hot flashes, anyone?–but I have lots of good news on that front, too.


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