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What others say about Dr. Maria Luque.

Women of all sizes and shapes and walks of life can—and do—suffer from body image issues. The messages that we are never fit enough, thin enough, or perfectly shaped enough threaten to suffocate our joy and keep us from living a full, active, happy life. Dr. Maria Luque provides the much-needed oxygen we need to take a deep breath and reassess those messages. To think differently about our bodies. To reject diet culture B.S. that isn’t even real. And to build a toolbox of mental strategies to build a better body image and healthier outlook for life.

Selene Yeager
Host of Feisty Menopause Podcast, NASM Certified Trainer,
USA Cycling Coach, Certified Nutrition Coach, Pro Off-road Racer, & Ironman Triathlete

Dr. Luque needs more sessions! All Men and women need this info and Dr. L is an expert! We need more, more, more!

Peggy Jo

Give this woman MORE sessions and MORE time! Outstanding.

Tanya Yousry

Excellent! Dr. Luque combines solid science with compassion and understanding of this special population group.

Lian Olsan

Maria has been a guest on my Strong Mind, Strong Body podcast for two episodes, and if I could have her on as a regular guest contributor I would. Maria is committed to helping women through transitional stages in their lives, and she uses evidence-based information to guide her practice. She is authentic and approachable, and she is someone I would personally trust as a coach, mentor, and guide.

Angie Miller
M.S., LCMHC, CWC, Integrative Mental & Physical Health Specialist