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Let's Talk Menopause

intro to menopause menopause menopausestages menopausesupport Feb 13, 2020
let's talk menopause

Hi! Welcome to my blog. I’m so happy you’re here! 

My name is Dr. Maria Luque. I’m a fitness expert, health science professor, busy mother, and menopause nerd with a passion for sharing knowledge and helping women lead healthier happier lives. Over the years, I’ve worked with and continue to work with countless women as they transition through menopause. One common experience everyone had was that they were frustrated about the lack of no-nonsense but credible information on the topic. It is because of these women and the experiences they shared that I decided to focus my doctoral dissertation on researching the menopausal transition and the effect that physical activity has. Ever since then, it has been my mission to help women transition through menopause in a positive and educated manner while having some fun.

The sheer volume of products that are being sold as "treatments" for menopause is staggering. The media reflects a negative notion about menopause and supports that menopause is a deficiency disease. The sheer volume of this negativity is instrumental in perpetuating the negative views that many women have about menopause. Menopause is NOT a disease, you can't cure it or get rid of it and frankly, I'm sick of it being sold as such. We don't try to cure puberty or pregnancy, both of which are big hormonal phases in a woman's life. Let's treat menopause the same!

My goal is to provide you with a good resource for everything menopause but I will also be covering fitness, health, things that make me happy, and lots of nerdy stuff.  

My mission is to share fact-based knowledge while having some fun.  So, let’s have some fun! If you’re ready, head over to my blog post on the basics of menopause. When does it start? How long does it last? How will I know if I’m in menopause? What are the symptoms? Does everyone have the same symptoms? I will address all of those questions and many more. 

If you have a topic you have questions about, email me. I love research and sharing it!

Note: Unless otherwise stated, my articles are based on peer-reviewed research from a variety of journals and sources. Because I gather them from many sources, the reference list tends to be very long, which is why I don't include them in all my posts. Should you be interested in finding out more about the sources used, send me a message.