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Menopause Menu: Matcha

Apr 21, 2022

My “MENOPAUSE MENU” series is dedicated to exploring foods that can be easily assimilated into your diet and carry a wide range of health benefits. Today’s Menopause Menu is all about matcha. If you want maximum brain benefit from your nutrition, you may want to switch your morning ☕  for a cup of matcha. Matcha, which is essentially theanine-rich powdered green tea, contains caffeine, so be aware if you're sensitive to caffeine.

Benefits at a glance:

✔️Reduced stress & anxiety

✔️Lower cholesterol

✔️Improved concentration & memory

✔️Improved cognitive abilities

✔️Increased energy

Research has shown that it may have specific benefits for the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex (dlPFC), the part of the rational brain that plays a role in self-control and self-regulation. Matcha contains the amino acid L-theanine, which exhibits a stress-reducing effect in humans. L-theanine, in turn, promotes activity within the dlPFC, helping you stay more focused, less stressed, and through its caffeine, energized. Although all green teas contain theanine, matcha has the highest levels.

You can easily make a matcha latte by mixing hot milk or a milk substitute with matcha powder and honey. Additionally, I am a big fan of adding nutritious foods rather than subtracting foods perceived as bad. I wrote all about it here. So I tried adding matcha to a basic sugar cookie recipe, and it worked. Super delicious and now boosted with the nutritious goodness of matcha. 

Do you have any delicious matcha recipes you like to share? Write them in the comments below?